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Make It Alright, I Think

So many times we have this idea that when we declare the goodness of God or brag on His impeccable character or His undefeated record that our hearts have to be completely absent of doubt. In actuality, it’s the very presence of that doubt that drives us to press into a place of faith! How else would we know that we need a Savior unless we’re in a predicament that causes us to seek to be saved?

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Patrick Dopson has been involved in music ministry since the age of seven when he started playing the drums and singing in the church his parents pastored in historic Selma, Alabama. As a young child, Patrick knew that his destiny would be ministering to others through music. He would sit for hours on the front pew of the church and be captivated with the sounds of worship as his mother directed choir rehearsals. His mother, Patricia, greatly influenced and encouraged him to honor God with this musical gift.

He has served in music in various ministries over the years including another one of his influences, Pastor, singer / songwriter, Gary Oliver. Currently, Patrick and his wife Christina along with their two sons, Garion and Isaiah, reside in Dallas, Texas where he serves as Pastor of Worship under the leadership of Dr. Tony Evans at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.


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