So many times we have this idea that when we declare the goodness of God or brag on His impeccable character or His undefeated record that our hearts have to be completely absent of doubt. In actuality, it’s the very presence of that doubt that drives us to press into a place of faith! How else would we know that we need a Savior unless we’re in a predicament that causes us to seek to be saved?

Nearly every day, there’s a greeting that we receive from others in passing…”How are you?” Regardless of our current state and without thought, we answer nonchalantly- “Good.” Now, we should all run to the altar for all the times we’ve said that without truth behind our words. The wonderful assurance we have as we live IN Christ is knowing that when things really aren’t OK, He has the power to ‘Make It Alright’. Wow, the pressure that just vanished in sharing those 3 words! We can lean on the fact that His ways are higher. Instantly peace takes over as a result of resting in Him when many of us are ready to throw in the towel.

Almost 3 years ago my Mother went to be with Jesus. I was devastated and encountered my first experience with deep anxiety and all the questions that follow. I was certain God would heal her after the complications she suffered from two strokes. After all, she was only 62 and she had served the Lord so faithfully. Surely God could do it. Indeed, God could do it, but He chose not to. My Mama had tasted heaven and was tired in her condition. She wanted God to come through for her. For her, He made it alright. Really alright. Like ‘heaven’ alright. Yet, He was still having to make it alright for me. It was painful to sing, preach and try to get a word for people when I needed a word for myself. Oh but God. He’s so gracious. Over time, he eventually gave me peace with not knowing all that He knows.

For many of us, this last year was one of isolation, fear, aloneness as we have all sensed the impact of trying to ‘live’ through a pandemic. One Sunday afternoon a few months back, I sat at my Mother’s piano that is now in my home, and God began to give me the lyrics to a new song. Immediately I knew He was wanting to say something through me to His people but honestly, in that moment, He was wanting me to know first. As I played, I felt like David as he began to encourage himself IN the Lord. (1 Samuel 30:6). I would encourage you to spend some time saying these words to yourself: “God will make it alright and He will perfect those things which concern me.” (Psalm 138:8) Prophesy to yourself.  I guarantee you will begin to draw strength from the Holy Spirit as Heaven confirms God’s intentions. He makes everything beautiful in His time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

– Patrick

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